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PowerPoint Presentations for Download

Dr. Kris Bosworth, University of Arizona, author of Protective Schools: Linking Drug Abuse Prevention with Student Success and co-author of Promoting Student Resiliency. Download Presentation

Dr. Robert Blum, John’s Hopkins University, Co-PI on the Add Health Study. Author of Improving the Odds: The Untapped Power of Schools to Improve the Health of Teens. Download Presentation

Dr. Zili Sloboda, University of Akron, former director of the Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, current president for the Society for Prevention Research and co-editor of the Handbook of Drug Abuse Prevention. Download Presentation

Dr. Kent Peterson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, co-author of Shaping School Culture and Shaping School Culture Fieldbook. Download Presentation

Dr. Rose Ylimaki, University of Arizona, co-author of Successful Principals in Challenging US Schools and Sustaining Successful School Leadership in Times of Change: International Perspectives. Download Presentation

Dr. Denise Gottfredson, University of Maryland, author of Schools and Delinquency. Download Presentation

Dr. Pamela Orpinas, University of Georgia, co-author of Creating a Positive School Climate and Developing Social Competence.

Dr. Russ Skiba, Indiana University, the lead author of the American Psychological Association’s Task Force on Zero Tolerance. Download Presentation

Dr. Carl Liaupsin, University of Arizona, co-author of Functional Behavioral Assessment and Function-Based Intervention: An Effective, Practical Approach. Download Presentation


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