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Planning Process

Action Planning Steps

STEP #1 – PSA Completion with full staff

This initial step is designed to determine the current 'Protective status' of the school through the completion of the Protective Schools Assessment (PSA).  This tool helps to identify areas of strength and areas for possible improvement.  At least 60% of the staff must complete the PSA.  The results are compiled into a PSA Summary Report.

>> Outcome:  Completed PSA's

STEP #2 – PSA review with Core team

After the staff has completed the PSA, the University staff presents the PSA Summary report to the Core team.  The report is reviewed with by the Core Team, who identifies the 2-3 Protective School areas to be brainstormed by the full staff.  These PS areas will provide the focus for your school's Vail CARES Action Plan

>> Outcome:  Identifications of 2-3 Protective Schools areas to develop through Action Plan

STEP #3 – Brainstorming with full staff

During this all-staff meeting, the staff brainstorms each of the Protective School areas identified by the Core Team.   Each PS area is examined by a sub-group of staff, who answer the following questions regarding their identified PS area: 1) What is already working?  2) What are your goals in this area?  3) What ideas do you have for helping these goals to be realized?   All brainstorming information is recorded on flip charts, and transferred at a later date into a table format.

>> Outcome:  Brainstorming results for each Protective Schools area

STEP #4 – Brainstorm Review with Core team

The raw brainstorming data is reviewed with the Core team to identify/narrow the focus of the goals and objectives to be addressed in the action plan.  The University staff facilitates the Core team in identifying themes, and key ideas that emerge from the staff brainstorming results.  These goals and objectives are discussed and refined, and later inserted into a Draft Action Plan format by University staff.

>> Outcome:  School Goals and Objectives for each PS  area translated into draft Action Plan

STEP #5 – Action Plan Review with Core team

The Draft Action Plan is reviewed by the Core team, and Action Steps are determined for Plan Goals/Objectives. These Plan goals and Objectives are analyzed with regard to feasibility, timelines and resources.  After this meeting, University staff places all additions and revisions into the Action Plan and sends this completed version to the school for review by the Core team (who may disseminate it to the staff for feedback).  Any staff feedback is incorporated into the Action Plan, bringing the Action Plan to its final form.

>> Outcome:  Completion and finalization of Action Plan 

STEP #6 – Action Plan presentation with full staff

The Final Action Plan is presented, by the Core team, to the entire staff for any final clarification and discussion.  The staff then votes to accept/adopt the Action Plan.  University staff may be present at this meeting to provide support and answer questions.  Once the Plan is approved, its implementation begins, and training opportunities are identified by the school and University staff.

>> Outcome:  Approval and implementation of Action Plan