Suicide Is Preventable  



Suicide Facts
  • Talk of suicide is often a warning that someone is considering ending her or his life.
  • Most suicidal people are ambivalent about suicide and may just want life to get better.
  • Many suicidal people self-medicate with alcohol, legal or illegal drugs.
  • New coping skills can be learned, and medicines can reduce depression.
  • Asking directly can act as a deterrent, by helping the person to verbalize her or his feelings.
  • A person who is thinking about suicide may be upset or impulsive, but may not be mentally ill.
  • Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in the United States.
  • Depression can be hereditary; it can have both behavioral and physical components, which can be treated with therapy and/or medicine.


Suicide Myths
  • People who talk about suicide rarely commit suicide.
  • The suicidal person really wants to die.
  • Chemical dependency and suicide are not related.
  • If someone attempts suicide, she or he will always be suicidal.
  • Asking directly about suicide could encourage an attempt.
  • A person who tries to kill her- or himself is always mentally ill.
  • Suicide is rare.
  • A person who is depressed can just "snap out of it".

Important Information