Suicide Is Preventable  



How You Can Help
  • Check on the preson frequently
  • Remove potentially harmful items
  • Don't scold or criticize
  • Don't moralize or give advice
  • Don't taunt the person or dare her or him to act
  • Encourage her or him to talk about her or his feelings
  • Be willing to listen without passing judgement
  • Help her or him to identify and mobilize a support system
  • Set firm limits on behavior that will be permitted
  • Demonstrate a confident, "take charge" attitude
  • Ask the person directly about suicidal feelings or plans
  • Let the person know that you are worried and that you care
  • Help the person to think of other options to solve the problem
  • Urge the person to seek professional help
  • Encourage him or her to explore new ways of coping with stress
  • Encourage him or her to avoid illegal drugs, alcohol and caffeine
  • Encourage him or her to sleep well, eat well and exercise
  • Do not let a "No Harm Contract" lull you into assuming that the person is safe.
  • Avoid empty reassurances, such as "It's okay," or "Things will get better soon."

Important Information